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Outdoor Signs

DGM make signs that are designed for the harshest of Australian outdoor environments.

Surviving The Australian climate

Your outdoor sign must be able to maintain its integrity and visual punch year after year.

The Australian climate is brutal - high temperatures, prolonged exposure to direct sun, hail and heavy rain all take their toll and this is why quality of materials and construction matter so much.

Key Facts

Made to last

DGM are committed to creating the highest quality outdoor signage for commercial and industrial clients. We use high quality components and materials, backed by 35 years of signage manufacturing experience. We know how to create signage that survives the harshest of Australian environments so you can be confident that your sign will stand the test of time.

Any Size

DGM have manufactured outdoor signage at various scales ranging from standard pylon signage through to huge wall mounted lettering that is visible for kilometers. There is no challenge that is beyond the manufacturing and installation capabilities of DGM.

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Outdoor Signs

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Outdoor Signs

Outdoor Signs


How do I maintain an outdoor sign?

DGM offer maintenance packages for your outdoor signage so that it performs optimally for years to come. Speak to Aaron and Shane about signage maintenance.

Can DGM Install my outdoor sign?

Yes! We employ qualified fitters and electricians to ensure that the process of ordering and installing the sign is stress free for you.

General FAQ

Where do you make your signs?

All of our signs are manufactured at our premises in Slacks Creek, Brisbane. Any imported products used in the assembly process are checked and we take pride in the quality of our workmanship and the quality of materials used in every signage project.

How long does it take to make a sign?

Once your artwork has been approved , signs typically take between 1-2 weeks with lead times varying depending on the complexity, quantity and materials used in your sign.

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