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3D Lettering

Durable and vibrant letter forms are possible with our METLED illuminated 3D lettering.

Welcome to METLED 3D Lettering

DGM Manufacturing's computer driven, automatic metal folding and curving machine creates stunning, metallic sided letter forms. With unlimited possibilities, take a closer look at our very own METLED letters.

What is METLED?

Metled is a registered trademark of DGM Manufacturing in which steel or aluminium sides form the shape with the face and/or rear being illuminated from within. Our Metled letters employ the latest in LED technology to provide an unmatched, vibrant and evenly lit signage face.

There are many applications for Metled, yet the most common is the production of 3D lettering with either an internal lighting system or a solid face with subtle, diffused back-lighting. We guarantee all of our manufactured METLED forms for five years, and we are also available to service signs when required.

METLED specifications

The depth of Metled forms can range from 35mm to 150mm  with a metal thickness of 0.8 to 2mm. Metled can be used in interior or exterior locations, with almost limitless shape possibilities.

Standard colours are:

  • Black
  • White
  • Mirror Chrome
  • Linished

We can also match to your specified brand colours.

Key Facts

3D Letters are Versatile

Achieve different lighting features with halo effects, side or edge lighting, back lighting, front lighting, and even variable colours and materials.

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3D Lettering

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3D Lettering

3D Lettering


Why are METLED 3D letters superior?

DGM perfected the design and production of METLED technology and in 2015 trademarked the METLED name. Since then, METLED has become a common standard in Australia for 3D illuminated and non-illuminated lettering.

General FAQ

Where do you make your signs?

All of our signs are manufactured at our premises in Slacks Creek, Brisbane. Any imported products used in the assembly process are checked and we take pride in the quality of our workmanship and the quality of materials used in every signage project.

How long does it take to make a sign?

Once your artwork has been approved , signs typically take between 1-2 weeks with lead times varying depending on the complexity, quantity and materials used in your sign.

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