DGM Manufacturing specialise in the production of illuminated signage in all it's various forms. No matter what your design, we will guide you to the most impactful and cost-effective method of production.

We Innovate. We Manufacture.

DGM Manufacturing have a comprehensive array of in-house production capabilities that enable us to select the right method of construction for the job. When you work with DGM Manufacturing, you will get the chance to collaborate and see the production process unfold.

Innovation is one of the most important aspects of our business today. We are always looking for opportunities to move our signage manufacturing forward with advances in construction and material technology. We then bring these advances directly to our clients with each new project.

We work directly with designers

DGM Manufacturing exist to provide a dedicated engineering and fabrication solution to the signage industry. For over 30 years we have taken an advisory role to help sign designers bring their creative vision to life in the most durable, dynamic and affordable way.

No matter what the brief, or the size or complexity the job, when you need to put your designs into production and are not sure how it can be done then look to DGM Manufacturing to provide the expert advice and production capability that will bring about a successful outcome.

Illuminated Signage Examples

DGM Manufacturing – The Illuminated Signage Specialists

Sign writers and designers love working with DGM Manufacturing because we innovate, constantly push technology forwards and offer the flexibility to meet any challenge. So when you have a signage project and need help to get it built, remember that Laser CuttingCNC Routing, METLED Lettering, Illuminated Signage, GEL Lettering, Digital Printing, all come together at DGM Manufacturing.