DGM Manufacturing have the ability to create solid gel letters that are internally and evenly lit with LEDs – Aussie Gel Letters are a fantastic signage option suitable for most environments due to their vivid colour reproduction and durability.

What are Gel Letters?

Massage Philosophy used gel lettering for their shopping centre outlets.

Aussie Gel lighting is made using acrylic as the base with a resin or acrylic gel encasing the LEDs, creating a bright and even light effect on face of the letter.

Within the signage industry, gel lettering is extremely popular, So DGM Manufacturing designed our own ‘Aussie gel’ that is fully serviceable. We produce all of our Aussie gel letters in-house using the highest quality materials, with the ability to match most corporate colours where required.


Boost Juice regularly use gel lettering to create punchy, vivid signage for their stores.

Most commonly, Aussie gel lettering is used in retail spaces and shopping centres. Employed by small and big brands alike both for primary signage and in-store, gel lettering gives a truly professional and slick visual experience.


Extremely bright colours are possible with Aussie gel letters.

Solid acrylic illuminated letters available in any combination of face, side or rear illumination.

Our Aussie gel letters have a Aluminium composite back for heat displacement, which gives extended life of the LEDS. Unlike Chinese versions of gel lettering, our product is fully serviceable and will not yellow with age.

DGM Manufacturing – Creating Custom Aussie Gel Letters for the Signage Industry

Sign writers and designers love working with DGM Manufacturing because we innovate, constantly push technology forwards and offer the flexibility to meet any challenge. So when you have a signage project and need help to get it built, remember that Laser CuttingCNC Routing, METLED Lettering, Aussie GEL Letters and Digital Printing all come together at DGM Manufacturing.