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Retail Interiors

Commonly employed throughout retail and by the shopfitting industry, our laser cutting services are used for all manner of custom designs that breathe personality into retail spaces and bring them to life.

The finishing touch

DGM routinely work with business owners and shopfitting companies to design and manufacture custom laser cut solutions that will augment and personalise any retail space.

Shopfitters partner with DGM to produce specific elements that will complete their designs while business owners can work with us directly, and our expert laser cutting specialists will be with you every step of the way.

Key Facts

Retail Owners

Simply call DGM if you have a retail space that you would like to augment with custom laser cut decorations, signage or a customised installation. We will be more than happy to advise and help you through the process.


If you require a dependable and cost effective production capability, DGM offer competitive laser cutting rates and have over 30 years experience within the manufacturing process. We have a large format laser cutting capability and can cut most metals, plastics and woods to your exact specification.

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Retail Interiors

Feel free to ask us any questions about laser cutting or request a callback / quote from us.

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Retail Interiors

Retail Interiors


Where do you manufacture?

All of our laser cutting for retail and shopfitting is carried out in Brisbane at our Slacks Creek factory.

General FAQ

Do you offer installation?

Yes, DGM are able to offer a full installation service for any project that requires it. Installation costs will be quoted alongside the laser cutting project.

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