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There are many ways Laser cut materials can enhance an area, Facade, fence or interior space.

A Fresh Look

Laser cut architectural screens and designs can totally transform buildings that are feeling their age into something distinctive and new. Why not contact DGM about customised laser cut materials for your next project, interior or exterior!

With hundreds of existing patterns to choose from, or the capability to work with DGM on a custom design to match your own brand specifications, you will find working with DGM easy and we make it our business to ensure that you receive the required product that you will love for many years to come.

Key Facts


DGM Laser cut facade panels come complete with a 10 year guarantee.


DGM provide a full installation service for all laser cut materials and panels, the cost of installation depends on the size and complexity of the facade. Call us for more information.

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Feel free to ask us any questions about laser cutting or request a callback / quote from us.

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Can I have a custom design?

Yes, DGM are able to consult directly with you to design, manufacture and then install a custom laser cut facade that matches your exact brief. Along the way we will advise you on matters of construction, design and installation considerations.

General FAQ

Do you offer installation?

Yes, DGM are able to offer a full installation service for any project that requires it. Installation costs will be quoted alongside the laser cutting project.

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