DGM Manufacturing specialise in laser cutting for signage and displays. We use advanced, flat-sheet, large format laser cutting technology. We know that you value service, so we will work around your particular needs, offering everything from single runs right through to high volume production.


Many materials are well suited to laser cutting. Plastic, metal and timber are commonly used by signage designers and laser cutting allows cutting with extreme precision and minimal waste.


Smooth, clean and burr free edges are a hallmark of CO2 laser cutting, the result is a smooth finished edge in most plastics. Using a CO2 laser to cut acrylic is particularly effective since traditional saw cutting, sanding and flame polishing can be achieved in a single process.


Using a laser to cut metals for use in signage and displays often yields brilliant results. Smooth, clean and burr free edges are the hallmark of a Fibre laser cutting machine. We use Nitrogen Gas, Extreme High Pressure Air or High Pressure Oxygen  to assist in the cutting process, and this allows us to cut with the best finish possible straight from the cutting bed.


Are you thinking of using timber in your next project? If so, then solid and composite timbers are well suited to laser cutting. Our laser cuts a square, clean edge which can exhibit a darkened or blackened result, if this is not desired we would recommend using the CNC router instead.

DGM Manufacturing – Laser Cutting for the Signage Industry

Sign writers and designers love working with DGM Manufacturing because we innovate, constantly push technology forwards and offer the flexibility to meet any challenge. So when you have a signage project and need help to get it built, remember that Laser Cutting, CNC Routing, METLED Lettering, Illuminated SignageGEL Lettering, Digital Printing, all come together at DGM Manufacturing.