CNC routing is a core process within the signage manufacturing industry, enabling the creation of individual 3D forms or for creating moulds that are used for production at scale. Our large format CNC machines meet the most demanding of project requirements.

Multicam Router

Materials that are suitable for CNC routing include wood, acrylic, aluminium, copper, brass, composites and all rigid plastics. DGM Manufacturing have materials on hand that are ready for use, but if you prefer you can supply your own materials.


Because it's cut by computer, it's CNC milling is highly precise, allowing for complex shapes.

Because it’s cut by computer, CNC routing is highly precise, allowing for the creation of highly complex shapes and designs. With CNC, it’s possible to bring designs to life that previously would have been too ambitious or costly to produce.

The Possibilities

CNC routing literally opens up limitless possibilities for shapes and fabrication.

Your imagination is the only limitation when it comes to CNC routing. We can precisely mill your design with a high degree of accuracy and minimal wastage. Beyond signage, DGM Manufacturing has expanded it’s offering to include architectural lighting, all achievable with CNC.

DGM Manufacturing – CNC Routing for the Signage Industry

Sign writers and designers love working with DGM Manufacturing because we innovate, constantly push technology forwards and offer the flexibility to meet any challenge. So when you have a signage project and need help to get it built, remember that Laser Cutting, CNC Routing, Illuminated SignageMETLED Lettering, Illuminated SignageGEL Lettering, and Digital Printing, all come together at DGM Manufacturing.